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You Need More Rifle Paper Co. In You Life

If you’re a young female and you aren’t aware of the beautiful wares created by the amazing Rifle Paper Co. well…your life just isn’t complete. Rifle is a client of our agency. Now before you go thinking this is just a shameless plug for a client, I’ll have you know I was a HUGE fan of the brand before they came in our doors. And I was beyond excited to get the chance to work with them.

All seriousness, if you’re into the Anthro-type style, you need to check them out. Their products are creative, fun and all around gorgeous.

Rifle’s office/store is located in the lovely Hannibal Square in Winter Park. I was over there for a meeting earlier today, and I couldn’t help but do some shopping. I was in desperate need of a new case for my iPhone 6, after all. Now my phone is a work of art. I’m obsessed.


Check out their website for more of what this awesome brand has to offer.


Yes, world, I have a blog

It seems today my fellow &Barr-ians have suddenly discovered my blog. Although I’ve had it for almost a year now, just today I’ve had multiple people mention it. “You have a blog!” “Yes…” “I had no idea!”

Yes, I have a blog. The Nifty Nerdarella. It’s nothing crazy, but I do enjoy it. I post about anything and everything going on in my life (which is usually the latest recipe I’m trying). At times I’ll likely end up repurposing some of that content for my little corner of here.

Go ahead, take a gander!

The King’s Return to Universal Orlando


The big news in Orlando today: The King is making his grand return to Universal Orlando Resorts. Universal Studios Orlando announced today they’ll open a new King Kong ride in the summer of 2016.

I have to say, I’m a little surprised they went this route. Not that I don’t think it could be awesome. I’m sure it will be. It is Universal, after all. But given that the newest King Kong movie was released several years ago, it’s kind of old news (unless this is a teaser for a new movie?). Especially given the location where this new attraction will be within Islands of Adventure, I thought for sure if would be a new Jurassic Park attraction. With Jurassic World hitting theaters soon, it would make sense.

I was sad when they closed the old King King ride, so I guess I’m excited about this. The newest movie was a bit underwhelming in my opinion. But if they do this up the way Universal always does, I’m sure the ride will be epic.

Still holding out hope for a Jurassic World attraction…

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